Cleaning Equipment Hire is So Simple

When you decide that a piece of dedicated cleaning equipment is necessary for your business premises, you may be put off by the large range of choice on offer. At SRS Cleaning Equipment we like to make sure that we have something for everyone in stock and sometimes it can all seem a little overwhelming. Do you need a powered sweeper or will a push along do? What about battery versus diesel or LPG? And do you need a sweeper, a scrubber or a combination? The great thing is that you don’t need to make the decision yourself, because if you ring SRS with all the details of your premises, how long you need the cleaning equipment hire to run for and what you need it to achieve, they will help you choose the best machine for you.

Sometimes, all you need your Hire Sweeper for is a spring clean, just because things have got a bit grey and grimy. Your best choice there would be a sweeper scrubber combination, because this will pick up all the dust and rubbish and give your floor a deep clean with the scrubber brushes. These machines come in various sizes so you need to make sure that your premises has room to accommodate the turning circle but other than that, budget will be the main factor. Not everywhere needs this kind of machine permanently, and so cleaning equipment hire is a simple answer for a problem that may crop up a couple of times a year. This type of machine is also perfect for cleans before moving in or out of premises – if there are no fixtures and fittings to worry about, SRS Cleaning can provide a really large sweeper scrubber combo which will make short work of large, empty areas and can even be used outside.

If you are on a budget, you won’t want to tie up capital in machinery unless you really want to, so cleaning equipment hire is a sensible choice financially. SRS can provide what you need, when you want it and they can arrange a hire period of anything from a couple of days upward. This is a brilliant arrangement for a business where cleaning is usually completed by a team, because you can arrange Floor Cleaning Machine to cover periods when someone is on holiday or off sick. This prevents the place getting grimy and keeps everything spick and span until everyone is back at work.

SRS Cleaning Equipment will deliver anywhere and training is provided when the equipment arrives. This means that there is no down time in the hire period and you can get your chosen cleaner to work straight away. We even provide any consumables you need during your cleaning equipment hire, so there are no hidden costs. With hiring cleaners from SRS being so simple, there is no reason not to – your premises can always be squeaky clean.

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