Road Sweepers Save You Time and Money

Many businesses have large outdoor premises which have to be kept clean and tidy because they are used by customers. If the area is surrounded by trees this can be a real problem, especially in the autumn when the leaves are falling. Not only can falling leaves obscure markings on car parks, leading to misunderstandings and possible accidents but they can also be a very serious slip and trip hazard, so the area has to be kept clear. Road sweepers hired in for the season are certainly the best way to cope with leaves because not only are they highly efficient at picking up every scrap of leaf litter but they also mean that you won’t have to bring in extra staff. One person on a ride on Sweeper Hire (or a pedestrian one for smaller areas) can easily cope with even a lot of leaves.

If you have a long drive to your business premises, your customers start judging you from the time their car leaves the road. They will look for litter and mess and if they see any you will have to work that much harder to impress them when you meet. If the approach to your business is litter free with swept edges, they will be impressed from the start. Hiring a road sweeper if you are expecting VIP guests is very affordable from SRS Cleaning, or you can arrange a long term hire of a road sweeper if you think you will need it a lot in the future.

All equipment from SRS Cleaning comes with full training. The road sweeper you will hire is not complex, but it is quite a powerful piece of kit, with spinning brushes and a strong vacuum. It is essential that all of your staff that may have to use it are trained. Give some thought to who might need to use your hired road sweeper and make sure you include them in the training session. That way, you will be able to call on whoever you need to and that can be a real money-saver – staff who are flexible are very valuable.

If you have a loading bay or a warehouse which is open to the outside through wide doors you will find that your Ride on scrubber hire will earn its keep in no time. Whether in summer when it is dusty, autumn when the leaves are about or winter when rubbish tends to be blown about, you will find that a quick pass with your hired road sweeper will keep the approaches to your warehouse and the space just inside the doors spick and span. If you can keep on top of mess and debris the job is much simpler and if there is a dedicated piece of machinery on hand which everyone can use, it usually becomes part of the daily routine almost automatically and so everyone benefits.

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