Ride On Scrubbers For a Quality Clean

Cleaning a floor by hand is only a viable option if the floor is very smooth; if it doesn’t get dirty every day or at intervals through the day; if there is little foot or vehicle traffic which would prevent its drying and finally if you have lots and lots of staff. In all other circumstances, the only way to get a quality clean which doesn’t take all day is to use a ride on scrubber – hire one from SRS Cleaning either short or long term and you will be able to cope easily with even the largest and dirtiest floor.

Mopping is all very well, but if there are dirty patches on the floor anyone wielding the mop will have to treat them separately with a scrubbing pad or brush. This then leaves tidemarks in the mopped area which have to be re-mopped, which can take ages. With a ride on scrubber, the brushes are much stronger and also go round more quickly than anything a person could achieve alone and so a Ride on scrubber hire will mean that your floors are kept spotless and in a much shorter time.

Even if you have plenty of staff, trying to keep a busy floor clean is a pretty thankless task, especially if there is constant foot traffic. A ride on scrubber will mean that if necessary the floor can be constantly cleaned, as the job is not as physical or mentally soul destroying as constantly trying to clean up after colleagues as they go about their business. If the floor in your business premises is rough – for example, painted or even unfinished concrete with a non-slip finish – it isn’t really possible to clean it any other way than by using Ride on scrubber. Hiring a ride on scrubber will give you access to a higher quality clean which is done in a fraction of the time.

Many people may be under the misapprehension that their premises are too small for them to hire a ride on scrubber, but not all models are that big. The turning circle is surprisingly small on most of the ride on scrubbers on hire from SRS Cleaning, but if you are in doubt, make sure that you have the dimensions of any tight spaces you might want to clean when you contact SRS to arrange the Road sweeper hire . The experienced staff will be able to make sure that you get the best machine for your space and that you will be able to achieve the best possible clean in the shortest possible time.

Hiring a ride on scrubber is something that will improve your business premises in a number of ways. Because the floors will be cleaner, you will give a better impression to customers. The floors will also be drier quicker, so the health and safety issues of a wet floor will be minimised. The staff will be happier because their environment will be much more pleasant and also no one will have to wield a mop.

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