Use A Floor Cleaning Machine For A Perfect Finish

If you have any large areas in your premises, you will know how very difficult it is to get a good finish if you are still using mops and buckets. Even specially designed mops with high absorption heads which grip dirt and stop it from being spread around give patchy results at best. To get a perfect finish, the person mopping has to mop to the side or walk backwards, with the obvious health and safety concerns which both of these methods imply. So the best way to get a really good finish, especially if your area is shiny, is a floor cleaning machine.

Sweeper Hire is not in the budget of every company and so you should contact SRS Cleaning. They hire in a variety and they also have length of hire options, one of which will certainly be just what you need. Sometimes, people need to hire a floor cleaning machine because they have just moved in to a building and the floor is looking scuffed and dirty, so they will need a floor cleaner hire of fairly short duration. Once they find what a good finish a floor cleaner can achieve, they often then arrange for a longer hire period or for regular shorter hires. SRS Cleaning are happy to discuss any options with clients and this is why they have so many regular happy customers on their books.

Using a hired floor cleaning machine is not only quicker than cleaning by hand but gives a superior finish because the brushes are much more vigorous than hand sweeping and then mopping can ever be. The floor also ends up much drier, so if the area in question has very high traffic, it will be usable much sooner. In certain situations, the area cannot be cordoned off even for a short time and so if you are mopping by hand footprints and tracked in dirt will soon spoil the finish. Hiring a floor cleaning machine will mean that your floor is not only cleaner after you have used it but that it will stay cleaner longer.

The floor cleaning machines hired from SRS Cleaning can be used in most settings. If you have very small access or if your premises has a lot of nooks and crannies you might be best hiring a pedestrian floor cleaning machine which will be able to negotiate all the twists and turns. The edge to edge brushes will make sure that you don’t get a dirty band around the base of shelves or in doorways. If you have a large open area and want to get the job done quickly, you might prefer to use a Ride on Sweeper. These are often heavy duty as regards the brushes as well as size and so if your floor area gets a lot of heavy traffic, you can have it sparkling clean in no time with a floor cleaning machine hire from SRS Cleaning.

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