Scrubber Driers And Their Role in Clearing Up After Water Damage

Flooding is in the news these days and there doesn’t seem to be a single month without some area of the country having been hit by floods. Water damage doesn’t just come from environmental hazards, either. A burst pipe in cold weather or even from damage by building work or moving equipment within an industrial unit can cause a real mess before the water can be shut off and the clean-up begun. Whether the flood involves dirty water from outside or damaged merchandise or foodstuffs in a warehouse, a scrubber drier hire is one of the best ways of getting everything back to normal as soon as possible. Once the main depth of water has been got rid of by sweeping or natural drainage, a scrubber drier hire will speed the rest of the process on its way.

When floodwater comes into a property unfortunately it is never just water; depending on the circumstances it will at least have road dirt and mud but often it is much worse, with the contents of sewers and drains being brought in as well. Obviously, from a health perspective if for no other this has to be cleaned up fast, before toxins and smells can leach into the fabric of the building. Not only does the floor need scrubbing, it needs drying quickly as well to prevent damage creeping up walls or into joists and the scrubber drier hire options from SRS are a perfect way of achieving this. If the flood water has receded and left a lot of debris on the floor, a combination Ride on Sweeper would be even more perfect as with one pass you can get rid of large pieces of rubbish and scrub and dry. The scrubbers at the larger end of the range are all combination, but each function can be used separately if you wish.

The problem with floods is that they don’t happen to plan. With the 24 hour response from SRS you can arrange a scrubber drier hire at any time and you can also rely on them to make sure it is in tip top working order, ready to restore your workplace to its usual self as soon as possible. When you are a victim of flooding, you want to get things back to rights as soon as possible and you will certainly not want wet floors to get in the way of staff wanting to sort out stock and get things up and running again. A scrubber drier hire will make sure that, even if things are not quite as they were, at least everyone will be able to work and walk on dry, safe floors.

SRS Clean have been Master Distributors for the NSS range for more than 20 years. With their 24 hour delivery and maintenance response service nationwide, they are the best choice for any hire or purchase options across the UK. For further information on any of the Floor Cleaning Machine from their extensive range, call 01325 377803.

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