When to Use A Ride On Scrubber

Floors in all kinds of industrial spaces should be kept clean for a variety of reasons, not least because working in a grubby environment is very bad for staff morale. But some floors offer different challenges and different reasons for needing clean-up. These include food preparation areas and anywhere where the general public routinely go. Added to the list are medical environments or anywhere where medical equipment or related items are manufactured or packed. A ride on scrubber hired for the purposes of a deep down clean or regular maintenance can make the hardest job a piece of cake.

Mopping is not a viable option in most areas that need to be deep cleaned. Although this is an acceptable solution for small and infrequent spills, mopping often creates a build-up of cleaning solution and also can make the floor look streaky. If you have very heavy soiling, such as would be found in meat packaging or similar outlets, ride on scrubber hire is the best answer to a tricky problem. Some of the models available for hire from SRS Clean have very heavy duty brushes which can clean down into uneven floor surfaces and combined in a scrubber drier will have any surface dry, clean and safe in no time.

Floor Cleaning equipment hire is very easy to arrange and because the staff at SRS have many years’ experience you can be sure that they will provide you with the right model. Choosing to use a ride on scrubber is often not an easy decision especially if budgets are tight, but by comparing the finish with that of a mop or smaller hand propelled scrubber will soon help you make up your mind. The main advantage with ride on scrubber hire is the speed of the job, but this is by no means at the expense of the quality of the clean. Using a top of the range model which sweeps, vacuums, scrubs and dries can give you a floor looking like new in an almost unbelievably short time. Side brushes mean that there is no unsightly – and insanitary – build up in the path of the scrubber and there is usually no need for a second pass.

Ride on scrubber hire is certainly the only way to scrub a large floor and if you need to do this in a hurry, prior to an inspection, say, or a survey then you can soon be at work, as SRS Clean have a quick response delivery nationwide. If you have previously been relying on mops and buckets to keep your Industrial floor washer ,you will be genuinely amazed at the difference a ride on scrubber hire can make.

SRS Clean have been Master Distributors for the NSS range for more than 20 years. With their 24 hour delivery and maintenance response service nationwide, they are the best choice for any hire or purchase options across the UK. For further information on any of the cleaning equipment from their extensive range, call 01325 377803.

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