Ride On Sweepers for Outside Work

Many people looking to clean outside areas think that only the very largest ride on sweepers will be suitable, but this is not the case. All of the Cleaning Machine Hire equipment from SRS Clean is suitable for use outside and really the only considerations you need to bring to the table when choosing which model is the size and also the type of outside space which you need to sweep clean.

  • Multi-storey Car Park

Be careful to choose a ride on sweeper hire model that will cope with inclines as some of them can be quite steep. Because your floor will be level without any rough terrain to cope with and also it will not have piles of material to deal with, you could opt for one of the smaller models which will give you the manoeuvrability to cope with turns and ramps without compromising on the quality of the finished clean. All ride on sweeper hire from SRS Clean comes with training on how to use them safely and it is recommended that all staff who will be using the item has first-hand training as only fully certified training is really acceptable for top quality health and safety coverage. This is particularly important for ride on sweeper hire in public places.

  • Construction site

If you need to clean areas on a construction site, make sure you tell the SRS Clean representative when you make your call to book your ride on sweeper hire. Then they will make sure that you have a machine with the oversize soft tyres that you need for areas which have rough terrain – such as broken brick or hardcore surfaces – or lumps and bumps that need to be negotiated. Even if the area you need to clean isn’t very big, if you have very rough floors, this type of Ride on scrubber hire will probably still be the best for you.

  • Loading bay and warehouse

If you need to clean a loading bay area as well as your warehouse floor, your choice as to which ride on sweeper you should use is the widest of all – essentially, any of the models in the SRS Clean range will do for you, you just need to look at the area, accessibility and whether you need daily cleans or less frequent. With this information, you will be guided to the best choice, both from the budget and relevance to your needs points of view. You can trust SRS to make sure you have exactly what you need to get the job done with the minimum outlay.

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