Which Floor Cleaning Machine?

You have a dirty floor – that much is easy. But which floor cleaning machine hire would be right for you? The experienced staff at SRS Clean can help you to make the choice but if you use some of the tips below, you will be on the right lines before you make the call.


  • Is your floor sticky or just dusty?

If you have a floor which is covered with any wet or sticky residue, you will need a floor scrubber. These come in various sizes and also are available as combos which also vacuum or sweep rubbish and some even dry the floor for you – we’ll come on to that option for your floor cleaning machine hire later.

If your floor is just dusty with some bits of debris around, a floor sweeper will be all you need. These come in pedestrian and ride on models with various power sources.

  • Is your floor inside or out?

SRS Clean have all kinds of floor cleaning machines for hire, but only the largest ones are suitable for outside cleaning, typically places like loading bays and car parks. These big machines are available on short or long term hire, so you can do a big clean-up or regular maintenance as suits your business best.

  • Do you have a really large, clear area or a smaller, more cluttered one?

If you have a large area to clean, your best bet is a ride on floor cleaning machine hire, either long or short term. If within your large area you have smaller, less accessible parts, you could consider hiring a pedestrian cleaner as well, as some of the larger ride ons may be a little wide for some internal doors or walkways.

If your area is smaller or is full of twists and turns, a pedestrian floor cleaning machine hire is probably best for you. Not as fast as a ride on, the manoeuvrability means that you won’t have to get the broom out for the odd corners. SRS Clean have a manual model for total flexibility.

  • Is this a big one-off clean, or regular maintenance?

For the big cleans, such as moving in or out of a premises or taking the opportunity while stock is low, then floor cleaning machine hire of the biggest and best you can afford is probably the wisest choice. This will mean that the job is done quicker and more intensively. Don’t worry that your staff will be unfamiliar with a big machine, as training is always provided by SRS Clean. There are machines which vacuum, scrub and then dry – these top of the range machines give an excellent finish.

For regular maintenance, a long term floor cleaning machine hire will probably be best for you and in this case you need to consider storage and also what kind of clean-ups will be the most regular; will they be sticky and wet (scrubber/drier) or dusty (sweeper)?


SRS Clean have been Master Distributors for the NSS range for more than 20 years. With their 24 hour delivery and maintenance response service nationwide, they are the best choice for any hire or purchase options across the UK. For further information on any of the cleaning equipment from their extensive range, call 01325 377803.

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