The Pros and Cons of Warehouse Sweepers

If you have a large area to sweep and keep free of debris, you may think that you can’t possibly keep on top of it all with a mop and broom and you are probably right – unless you have an army of cleaning staff, working 24/7 it is unlikely that your warehouse space will ever be thoroughly clean all over. In some cases this can be downright dangerous, but at the very least it carries a risk that stock could be damaged. If you have the general public accessing your warehouse, it could be bad for business as well. The answer would seem to be a warehouse sweeper hire, but how much better are they than a brush and mop?


  • A pedestrian warehouse sweeper hire will be much faster than a broom, so you won’t need so many staff hours dedicated to cleaning. If you don’t mind losing staff, or redeploying them, this could be the only ‘pro’ you need.
  • A pedestrian warehouse sweeper hire can be arranged for short periods if you need a really quick clean-up for some reason, so if you don’t want to make staff changes, you could try this as a temporary measure.
  • You won’t find that a pedestrian warehouse sweeper is that great with fine dust – this may not be a major ‘con’ for you if your warehouse or other space suffers more from general debris than dust.
  • A ride on warehouse sweeper will cope with fine dust, so if this is an issue for you, then this would be a good choice. Ride on warehouse Sweeper Hire can also be arranged long or short term, so again you could use it to replace staff or simply for big, occasional clean-ups.
  • A major ‘con’ for some people when considering hiring a ride on warehouse sweeper is the noise. This can be considerable and if you have to have one in use when the warehouse is open, especially if you have members of the public on site.
  • The ‘pro’ of that ‘con’ of course is that because a ride on is much faster and more efficient than any other method, you could probably get all of your cleaning done in the hours when the warehouse is closed and so the noise is less of an issue. The operator would obviously be fitted with ear defenders as a matter of course; SRS Clean include health and safety and usage training with ever warehouse sweeper hire.


If you have room between your shelving units, a ride on warehouse sweeper hire will be the best way of keeping your warehouse or other large area cleaner than a broom in a fraction of the time. If you have less space or have a lot of tricky corners a pedestrian sweeper also gives a time bonus, but the general level of cleanliness is not as high as the bigger machines. Even so, it is probably preferable to a mop and broom.


SRS Clean have been Master Distributors for the NSS range for more than 20 years. With their 24 hour delivery and maintenance response service nationwide, they are the best choice for any hire or purchase options across the UK. For further information on any of the cleaning equipment from their extensive range, call 01325 377803.

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