Floor Scrubber Hire

If your business is a messy one, you need to pay particular attention to the state of the floor, as letting it get slippery and wet can be a serious health and safety hazard. This is particularly important for premises where visitors are commonly on the floor area as they may be unfamiliar with the situation and will be at increased risk. SRS often provide Floor Scrubber Hire for food factories as they are the most likely to suffer from spills and of course have the added need for scrupulous cleanliness from a food hygiene standards standpoint.

Other manufacturing applications who often hire from our large range of floor scrubbers include those who wish to scrub and dry their floors to remove items such as fork truck marks, general soiling and standing water and thus to ensure the floor is safe to walk on and not slippery or dangerous. Having a floor scrubber permanently on hand is not something which many smaller concerns consider, as the outlay is too high but it might be something which can come in handy for a period while building or renovations are going on, just to keep the environment clean and safe. For large floor areas there is not really a viable alternative to a floor scrubber, as any manual method would take far too long and cannot deliver the quality finish.

Floor scrubber hire from SRS is a practical and financially sound choice for any business which has either a short or long term need. We have all sizes of scrubber in our range and you can choose from a number of power options too – our ride on battery operated scrubber gives the ultimate freedom to get around your premises into smaller areas which would be inaccessible to a large scrubber, but delivers the same high quality finish.

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