Floor Sweeper Hire

SRS provides industrial Floor Sweeper Hire for various applications including warehouse sweeping, factory sweeping and construction site cleaning. We have a variety of sizes on offer, for casual hire or for longer-term use. No matter what size you choose, all of the floor sweepers in our range can be used to sweep and contain dust and debris, efficiently and quickly. Clean floors are not just for the look – a dirty floor is a dangerous floor in many places and it is essential for the health and safety of staff and visitors that there are no trip or slip hazards.

Our pedestrian floor sweeper is a popular choice for anyone with a smaller premises and the useful battery powered option means it can be used in areas which are not easily accessible as regards power sockets. This is invaluable in storage situations, where dust can quickly become a problem if not contained.  The larger ride-on models are available in battery, gas and diesel options. Our largest ride-on sweeper is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so it is ideal for cleaning up car parks or other open spaces, particularly large warehouses, dusty construction sites and large manufacturing applications.

We can deliver our floor sweeper hire range nationwide. We specialise in industrial floor sweeper hire and one of our features of service is that you can arrange a very long-term hire at competitive prices. The problem with large items of cleaning equipment such as a large industrial sweeper is that a company may be unable to commit a large amount of money to the purchase of something which though desirable is not essential. Long-term hire gives the best of both worlds, as the equipment is permanently available but there is no major outlay.

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