Industrial Sweeper Hire

SRS offer Industrial Sweeper Hire from periods as little as 1 week to help sweep dust and dust and debris from warehouse and factory floors and car parks. Sweeper hire can help maintain a dust free working environment and help maintain better cleaning standards in any facility. Our larger models are very popular with clients who have large areas outside to keep clean and they are particularly useful for underground car parks, where blown in dust and debris can very quickly make the surroundings not only unsightly but also dangerous, causing slip and trip hazards.

Industrial sweepers are the only option for anyone with large areas to keep clean. Cleaning staff can only achieve so much in a working day and if they are not given adequate equipment they are often held up in their task when machines break down or don’t do the job properly. This is not only very frustrating for them but in the long run will cost the firm a lot more in wages and repairs. With long-term loans available from SRS your cleaning staff can enjoy well-maintained equipment actually designed for the task and so can whizz through the work in no time and in the process deliver much better results.

We have a large, well-maintained hire fleet of industrial sweepers from walk-behind battery operated models to state of the artride-ons and all are available for delivery across the country. If you are not sure what you need as regards size and type, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The staff at SRS will be more than happy to help you choose the exact model, which will deliver the service you need.

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