Sourcing Second Hand Sweepers

Many people hire cleaning equipment for long periods, being unable or unwilling to commit to a purchase. The larger machines can be very costly to buy new and this puts many people off, because the depreciation is considerable. Buying a second hand sweeper is also a decision which many people dismiss, because they worry about the maintenance and also the condition of anything which has had the kind of heavy use that cleaning equipment usually has to endure.

If you buy a second hand sweeper from SRS Cleaning, you don’t have to worry because every piece of cleaning equipment we sell has been totally refurbished. If it is battery driven, it will even have a brand new battery. Not only will your second hand sweeper have been given a thorough going over, it will have never been subject to neglect because all of our sweepers out on Hire Sweeper are checked over when they are returned and also during the hire, if it is long term, so you know that the machine has been kept in virtually ‘as new’ condition through its life so far.

And it gets even better. If you are already a hire customer of SRS you will have become used to the fabulous service you get from all of our staff, from the call staff, to drivers, to engineers. And when you buy a second hand sweeper from us, you continue to get all of that. The training that comes with a hire item comes with a second hand purchase as well, along with back-up from our repair and maintenance team. We will have refurbished your Road sweeper hire but even so, things do sometimes break down and we are on hand to help you out on that rare occasion. Cleaning equipment is something on which you come to rely and we know how important it is for you to keep your warehouse, shop or car park and loading bays in excellent condition. Not only does it give your customers the best possible impression, it is also a must for health and safety to keep trip hazards to a minimum.

When you are browsing for a second hand sweeper and you don’t see it on our website, don’t worry. Our stock changes all the time as we get machines back from hire which we think would do well as a refurbished item for sale. If you have a ‘wish list’ of models which you think would suit you, then it is well worth it to get in touch, as we may have one in stock we simply haven’t had time to list yet. If you are undecided as to which second hand sweeper might be the best for you, why not try a hire period or two first? When you buy it is important that you have the right one for your needs and it is worth a few weeks wait while you check out what we have available.

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Sweeper Hire For An Immaculate Warehouse

Larger areas are notoriously hard to keep clean as they need constant attention if only a broom and dustpan are being used. Sweeper hire be the answer to this problem, because even a complete sweep of the whole premises can be done in a fraction of the time, meaning that all of the floor is completely clean at least once a day, rather than the more likely once a week, if people power is all that is used.

SRS Cleaning Equipment has a large range in their sweeper hire section and so you can choose the one that is right for you. Before you decide which one you want, you should consider the size of the area and how accessible it is. All of the sweeper hire options have edge to edge cleaning brushes, but you need to allow for how wide your aisle are and what kind of shelving or storage units you have in your warehouse or other store. Measuring the aisles is vital before you arrange your sweeper hire, but many people forget the doorways. If your warehouse stores items that come in small packages, you might not have the usual wide doors or shutters that are more usual, so although the space is big, access is not. But in general, the larger the sweeper, the quicker the job, so get the biggest you can.

Another consideration before you get your Sweeper Hire underway is who will be using the equipment. Although all of the sweepers in the SRS range come with training, there will be a degree of lifting involved when emptying hoppers into bins. If you have a mostly female work force then a smaller machine which takes longer but is easier to manage might be the best choice; staff involvement with the choosing is the best plan, as no one knows the capabilities of another person and many smaller people can be surprisingly strong.

You will be amazed at how much extra rubbish and dust you will get up off the floor when you start a sweeper hire. Sweepers are much more efficient than hand brooms and much of the dust and debris that has been pushed under the shelves will be pulled out. So in the first few weeks of having a sweeper hire, you may find that you are creating a lot more rubbish; if you use bins or skips, you might want to get an extra one, if only for the first little while until everything has been dragged out of all the grubby corners. Also, if your premises is really big, you may want to distribute waste bins at different intervals, so that the Road sweeper hire can be in action all the time, rather than having to return to the bins from a far location when the collector needs to be emptied.

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Road Sweeper Hire For an immaculate Driveway

If you have a long approach to your business premises, keeping it clean can be a bit of a nightmare and every commercial enterprise these days needs to make sure that they keep ahead of the competition. Having an immaculate driveway means that anyone visiting you has already decided before you even meet them that you are organized and a stickler for detail – if your approach road is covered in litter, loose chippings and general tat, they will have made just the opposite decision before you even shake hands. If you choose road sweeper hire from SRS, you have the answer to this headache; a member of staff can give your approach road a regular sweep without taking them away from more important tasks and you will know that you always will give the right first impression.

Road sweeper hire couldn’t be simpler to arrange with SRS Cleaning Equipment. If you just need a tidy-up because you are having VIP guests, you can have a short term hire, but once tried you will not want to be without a road sweeper again. You can also use it for car park maintenance which will mean that the whole of your outside space will always look good with a minimum of man hours spent. If you have a loading bay you will also find road sweeper hire invaluable, because a clean working environment is a safe working environment.

Trip hazards can result in very serious injuries such as broken limbs or worse and for a business this can be very serious. With Floor Cleaning Machine you will always have some equipment to hand so that packaging straps and pieces of wrapping can be kept off the floor and this will improve safety all round. In the case of approach roads and car parks, you can ensure that the surface is kept clear of potentially damaging things such as broken glass and nails. It doesn’t do your business much good if clients end up with flat tyres or damaged bodywork because of dangerous rubbish on the approach to your premises. At the worst you will lose the account; at the very least you will be liable for repairs.

Ride on Sweeper from SRS Cleaning Equipment is so easy to sort out your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner. A quick sweep with the right equipment gives a much better result in a fraction of the time than any person with a broom and picker can do and another advantage is that the process doesn’t interfere with other traffic, because it can be done first thing in the morning before anyone starts arriving, because it is so quick. Although keeping a clean approach is important, seeing constant teams of cleaners picking up rubbish does not give an impression of efficiency. A road sweeper hire will mean that the road is always neat and tidy, but it will not need a constant presence of maintenance staff, which can look disorganized to a new visitor.

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Ride On Sweepers For Every Application

If you find that you need a ride on sweeper to keep your premises clean, you have a couple of options open to you, neither of which will break the bank. You can hire from SRS Cleaning Equipment, for any period from a few days to several months, or you can buy a second hand ride on sweeper from them, fully reconditioned and ready to go. Many people start with a hire and then go on to buy; when you have seen the advantages of a ride on sweeper, it is hard to go back to any other way of cleaning.

SRS Cleaning Equipment have a number of different sizes of ride on sweeper in their range and if it is in your budget, it makes sense to get the biggest one you can. The only thing to beware is that if your premises has a lot of nooks and crannies you should make sure that the Hire Sweeper you choose can manage the corners and doorways, but if this is not a problem, then bigger is definitely better. You won’t have to empty the hopper so often and your staff won’t be tied up on the sweeping job for as long; this is very handy when you have staff with multiple tasks to complete in a day.

Another thing to consider is whether you have a lot of rough ground or slopes in your sweeping area. Ride on sweepers are generally very robust, but the SRS staff will be able to ensure that you have the right model to cope with the conditions. Some of our ride on sweepers are happiest on level surfaces and picking up light debris, whilst others can manage the very uneven floor of a construction site; it isn’t worth getting a machine which is too powerful, but on the other hand it pays to get a ride on sweeper that can manage the very worst you can give it to deal with. Think carefully before you arrange your hire to avoid disappointment.

You don’t have to worry if much of your sweeping job is outside, either. The Road sweeper hire can deal with all kinds of setting and many people hire one from SRS because they have a loading bay or car park to be kept clean. If you have a warehouse which leads out into a delivery area, a ride on sweeper is an ideal answer to that cleaning problem, because you can just drive through from the inside space to the outside with no need to change the equipment or anything. This means that your machine is in use all the time for just one hire charge, which everyone knows is the very best way to utilise anything for which you are paying; down time is wasted money and in today’s financial climate that should be avoided at all costs. A ride on sweeper is faster than a broom and far more versatile.

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Cleaning Equipment Hire is So Simple

When you decide that a piece of dedicated cleaning equipment is necessary for your business premises, you may be put off by the large range of choice on offer. At SRS Cleaning Equipment we like to make sure that we have something for everyone in stock and sometimes it can all seem a little overwhelming. Do you need a powered sweeper or will a push along do? What about battery versus diesel or LPG? And do you need a sweeper, a scrubber or a combination? The great thing is that you don’t need to make the decision yourself, because if you ring SRS with all the details of your premises, how long you need the cleaning equipment hire to run for and what you need it to achieve, they will help you choose the best machine for you.

Sometimes, all you need your Hire Sweeper for is a spring clean, just because things have got a bit grey and grimy. Your best choice there would be a sweeper scrubber combination, because this will pick up all the dust and rubbish and give your floor a deep clean with the scrubber brushes. These machines come in various sizes so you need to make sure that your premises has room to accommodate the turning circle but other than that, budget will be the main factor. Not everywhere needs this kind of machine permanently, and so cleaning equipment hire is a simple answer for a problem that may crop up a couple of times a year. This type of machine is also perfect for cleans before moving in or out of premises – if there are no fixtures and fittings to worry about, SRS Cleaning can provide a really large sweeper scrubber combo which will make short work of large, empty areas and can even be used outside.

If you are on a budget, you won’t want to tie up capital in machinery unless you really want to, so cleaning equipment hire is a sensible choice financially. SRS can provide what you need, when you want it and they can arrange a hire period of anything from a couple of days upward. This is a brilliant arrangement for a business where cleaning is usually completed by a team, because you can arrange Floor Cleaning Machine to cover periods when someone is on holiday or off sick. This prevents the place getting grimy and keeps everything spick and span until everyone is back at work.

SRS Cleaning Equipment will deliver anywhere and training is provided when the equipment arrives. This means that there is no down time in the hire period and you can get your chosen cleaner to work straight away. We even provide any consumables you need during your cleaning equipment hire, so there are no hidden costs. With hiring cleaners from SRS being so simple, there is no reason not to – your premises can always be squeaky clean.

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What Floor Cleaning Equipment do I need?

If you have a large area to clean, you may wonder what the best way to do it is; most companies can manage for at least a while with a team of cleaners and some brooms, but after a while the standard they can achieve starts to drop as dust builds up in the corners and the general look of the floor surface starts to get rather grimy as dust and debris gets left in every little crevice in the floor. If one person is off sick or on holiday, standards can drop even further and before you know it, the place is a mess.

There is no need for this kind of situation to happen, because hiring floor cleaning equipment from SRS Cleaning Equipment is so simple. You can hire for any length of period, from a few days to months and the great thing is that every time you hire a piece of floor cleaning equipment, it comes with any consumables it may require, cleaned from the previous job and fully serviced. It is like having a new machine for each hire period and this is by far the simplest way to keep your floors clean.

If you are not sure which piece of Road sweeper hire would be best for you, you can have a chat with one of the friendly and experienced staff at SRS Cleaning Equipment. Before you call, have a think about the kind of area you need cleaned and also things like what the surface is like, what kind of traffic it gets, whether it gets dirty with wet or sticky grime or is dust your main problem? Is your area inside or outside? In the case of somewhere like a car park, are there steep slopes to contend with? All of these variables will have a large impact on which piece of floor cleaning equipment will be right for you.

If you have a large area that is mainly outside but where the dirt is mainly dust and debris, you will probably do best with a Sweeper Hire. If you have a lot of slopes, make sure that the piece of equipment you choose from the range at SRS Cleaning Equipment can cope with the gradient. You also need to consider whether you have pedestrian or ride on floor cleaning equipment. A large area can be done by a machine pushed by hand, but this can be very time consuming. If you intend the clean-up to be done by a single member of staff who also has other duties, it is probably better to choose a ride-on, as these are always quicker, due in part to the larger hopper for accumulated dust and rubbish.

When you hire a piece of floor cleaning equipment from SRS your staff will get an excellent training session when it is delivered, so you will know that they are fully up to date on how to use it and all the health and safety implications. But best of all, it is so much better than an army of brooms.

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Road Sweepers Save You Time and Money

Many businesses have large outdoor premises which have to be kept clean and tidy because they are used by customers. If the area is surrounded by trees this can be a real problem, especially in the autumn when the leaves are falling. Not only can falling leaves obscure markings on car parks, leading to misunderstandings and possible accidents but they can also be a very serious slip and trip hazard, so the area has to be kept clear. Road sweepers hired in for the season are certainly the best way to cope with leaves because not only are they highly efficient at picking up every scrap of leaf litter but they also mean that you won’t have to bring in extra staff. One person on a ride on Sweeper Hire (or a pedestrian one for smaller areas) can easily cope with even a lot of leaves.

If you have a long drive to your business premises, your customers start judging you from the time their car leaves the road. They will look for litter and mess and if they see any you will have to work that much harder to impress them when you meet. If the approach to your business is litter free with swept edges, they will be impressed from the start. Hiring a road sweeper if you are expecting VIP guests is very affordable from SRS Cleaning, or you can arrange a long term hire of a road sweeper if you think you will need it a lot in the future.

All equipment from SRS Cleaning comes with full training. The road sweeper you will hire is not complex, but it is quite a powerful piece of kit, with spinning brushes and a strong vacuum. It is essential that all of your staff that may have to use it are trained. Give some thought to who might need to use your hired road sweeper and make sure you include them in the training session. That way, you will be able to call on whoever you need to and that can be a real money-saver – staff who are flexible are very valuable.

If you have a loading bay or a warehouse which is open to the outside through wide doors you will find that your Ride on scrubber hire will earn its keep in no time. Whether in summer when it is dusty, autumn when the leaves are about or winter when rubbish tends to be blown about, you will find that a quick pass with your hired road sweeper will keep the approaches to your warehouse and the space just inside the doors spick and span. If you can keep on top of mess and debris the job is much simpler and if there is a dedicated piece of machinery on hand which everyone can use, it usually becomes part of the daily routine almost automatically and so everyone benefits.

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